December 14, 2018

At the ICT 2018 Conference, TTTech Computertechnik AG organized a networking session named “Shared Thoughts, Shared Solutions – Automated Driving meets Industrial IoT”, where the main idea was to raise awareness on the common challenges (technical and non-technical) and potentials for shared cross-domain solutions in the domain of automated driving and industrial IoT. Representatives from the following projects (Austrian, H2020, ECSEL) participated in the panel discussion:

Topics like security, reliability, safety architectures, (real-time) communication, life-cycle management, networking, big data, data privacy etc. were discussed for both areas and what the overlapping topics in the separate areas are.

The goal was to find interlinking approaches between the different projects, to foster future cooperation and interaction from the different fields. Suggestions for cooperation between the different lighthouse project have been proposed and the consortia are looking into the possibility to foster tighter collaboration between the project and accordingly the different research fields.