Active Product Memory

The Active Product Memory services as an extension of the common product memory used in SmartFactory. This consists of an RFID chip attached to the test product. This product memory stores all the information required to manufacture this individual product when an order is received. In the further course of production, RFID readers/writers are attached to the processing stations, which are divided into production modules in the SmartFactory. They read the RFID chip of the product and check which production step they have to carry out and whether they are capable of doing so. Once the associated machining process has been completed, this is recorded in the locally stored product memory of the associated product. In this way, the product independently finds its way through the production process. Missing or superfluous processing steps can therefore not happen. Likewise, no information can be lost or incorrect processes carried out on the product.

Area of the technology

  • Big data and analytics
  • Cyber-Physical-Systems
  • Internet of Things

Targeted Industrial Sectors

  • Agile manufacturing

Technology Readiness level

TRL 5 - technology validated in relevant environment

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