Dual Reality Modelling

The dual reality modelling service allows enriching dynamic virtual environments with virtualized physical production environments (Augmented Virtuality). In doing so, it uses 2D/3D sensor data and relies on a continuous mapping of the current state of the real world onto the virtual world and vice versa. This includes virtualizing the behaviour of objects from the real world and realizing the behaviour of objects from the virtual world. Realizing virtual objects does not necessarily mean to materialize virtual objects using additive manufacturing technologies. Realizing the behaviour of virtual objects can also mean that real physical production environments directly react to virtual objects.

Area of the technology

  • Augmented Reality
  • Cyber-Physical-Systems

Targeted Industrial Sectors

  • Research & Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Production facilities
  • Computer - Software

Technology Readiness level

TRL 7 - system prototype demonstration in operational environment

Contact Information

Thu Huong Luu


+49 6151 155-467