Programming by kinesthetic teaching

Programming by kinesthetic teaching allows for specifying and editing complex robot trajectories in a natural, user-friendly way. With the help of incremental learning, only certain parts of the trajectory can be changed. Using this technology does not require any special knowledge of robotics.

The enablers are implemented in the JSI neutral facility cell and the applicability is demonstrated and presented in various use cases provided by manufacturing companies. Nonetheless, the nature of the enablers make them useful and operable in any CPPS scenario using ROS based control and involving robots.

Area of the technology

  • Robotics

Targeted Industrial Sectors

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • White goods
  • Footwear and textile
  • Research & Development

Technology Readiness level

TRL 6 - technology demonstrated in relevant environment

Contact Information

Anton Ruzic

Bojan Nemec