Sensor Processing

A 3D optical sensor based on structured laser light (line sectioning and space-time analysis) that supports two different scanning modes: the first for coarse and fast scanning of larger parts and the second for slower but precise scanning at marked positions. The technology includes an initial self-configuration of the system and is essential for robot trajectory and view planning that enables autonomous 3D scanning.

The required user interaction is reduced to placing a known calibration target board on the turntable. Then the robot autonomously carries out the calibration procedure. After the calculation, 3D scanning data can be reconstructed and merged within the common turntable coordinate system and forwarded to other processing services.

Area of the technology

  • Autonomous Robots

Targeted Industrial Sectors

  • Research & Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Production facilities
  • Computer - Software

Technology Readiness level

TRL 4 - technology validated in lab

Contact Information

Reimar Tausch

+49 6151 155-484