Smart Data Distribution

Novel smart data distribution technological solutions which cooperate with cloud-based service provisioning and communication technologies. The solutions presented in AUTOWARE determine when it is appropriate to move data towards locations where services can be provided. In this context, AUTOWARE exploits storage and computation resources on various elements of the industrial network. AUTOWARE decentralized data management and distribution proposals also contribute towards the design of automation processes that are more capable to dynamically reconfigure. To achieve these objectives, the designed data management and distribution schemes provide distributed methodologies and smart algorithms to dynamically move data based on the requirements of the applications (e.g., time-sensitive control tasks), while optimizing resources of the manufacturing environment (e.g., the energy consumption of industrial IoT devices).

Area of the technology

  • Internet of Things
  • Cyber-Physical-Systems
  • Big Data
  • Industrial Networks

Targeted Industrial Sectors

  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Asset Tracking
  • Production Control

Technology Readiness level

TRL 6 - technology demonstrated in relevant environment

Contact Information

Theofanis Raptis

Andrea Passarella